The Disaster Preparedness Card Kit owes its inspiration to an actual disaster!  On October 17, 1989, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Northern California caused major damage stretching from the San Francisco to Monterey Bay areas and the loss of lives and property.  On that day, I was living in England when I heard a news report of the collapse of the Bay Bridge.  My family live near San Francisco, so I immediately tried to telephone them. You can imagine the frustration and fear I felt at being thousands of miles away and unable to reach anyone despite attempting to contact various family members and friends every fifteen minutes. Eight hours later, I finally connected with one person and learned the good news that everyone I knew was okay.

When I returned to California in 1991, I was reminded of how helpless I’d felt when I had been far away from the people I loved who might have needed help. So that I’d never again experience such a sense of helplessness, I decided to create a program that assured much quicker communication.

The Disaster Preparedness Card Kit© is the result. Although many people who live in an earthquake zone know that it is important to identify a central point of contact, I found that few people actually take the time to form a plan of action. Having a single, pre-arranged contact number for families or groups of friends is an important element to assuring peace of mind in an emergency.  Using my Disaster Preparedness Card Kit makes it easy share that number with friends and family in advance, and to update it as things change.

For more information about how to prepare for a natural disaster, please contact me at (650) 323-3320.

Caren Weinstein