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How many clients do you have? How many people do you know who haven’t bought your goods or services? How much time do you spend each week touching base with your current and future sources of revenue? If you’re like most business owners or sales reps, the answer is “not much.” Time is a limited resource, and many of us spend more time seeking new clients or customers (or answering questions or emails) than we do nurturing our existing relationships.

A concept well known to most marketers and business owners is “shelf of mind.”. For each of your prospects or customers, the ability to keep a given vendor contact in active memory is limited. Consequently, vendors who reach out often are more likely to occupy that precious mental “shelf” space and are more likely to be thought of when their customers need new services or products. Sales reps know this, which is why they rank their leads and attentively follow up their largest and most profitable accounts. But what about all those other relationships that could add to your bottom line?

Now we offer you a cost-effective way to keep in touch with those prospects and customers—and not break the bank doing it. Cmail is a turnkey lead-nurturing service based on a customized sequence of greeting cards signed by you and sent to your mailing list according to a schedule you determine. This scalable service positions you on your clients’ “shelf of mind” by expressing your appreciation for them in an engaging form. And because Cmail manages the entire process, your sales team is free to focus on high- value clients and respond to inquiries from others with an immediate need or question.

Our seasonal greeting cards are high quality, created by some of the largest companies in the business, customized with your own message and signature, and sent in a stamped envelope (no automatic mailing machines, or mailing labels).  For special occasions and to recognize unique life events, we offer selections from our SimplyC line of custom-crafted cards—many in 3-D!—that are miniature works of art. When you want to send special “thank you” gift cards, tuck them into our Gift Cradle Cards.

Thank you for stopping by our site and learning  how Cmail can help your business. Please call me if you have questions or would like me to work with you to customize a lead-nurturing program that’s perfect for you.

Caren Weinstein
President, Cmail
(650) 323-3320


“I love working with Caren and her card selection is superior! After I joined my husband in his real estate business, I understood why he had worked for so many years with her to market to his past clients. Caren is an utmost professional in the way she treats her business and her clients. She's a blast to be around, highly creative, and just doesn't quit until she has found OR created the perfect marketing communication piece for the occasion. The quality of Caren's cards is outstanding--the paper, the printing, image, and message. Many of our cards were custom written by Caren, who always had several options for us to choose from. We found that a mailing each month worked better than any email campaign: emails are easily deleted before they can be read. On several occasions, one or more of Caren's cards provoked a client to call with a laugh, funny saying, or just a simple "thank you" for remembering them. They work!”

 - Elaine Offenbach, Realtor